Group Lessons include up to six riders. In group lessons riders are able to benefit from instruction given to the class as a whole. Cooperative learning increases the skill level and knowledge of each individual.


Semi-Private Lessons are limited to two or three riders. These smaller groups allow for more one on one attention to each rider, while still offering the benefits received through cooperative learning.


Private Lessons are the preferred method for those who are seriously pursuing higher levels of training. Private lessons offer the greatest attention to details a rider needs to improve.

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Become a Better Rider At Tanglewood Riding Center you will become a better rider no matter what level you are at. We offer classes from beginning equestrian etiquette to advanced dressage training. All of our classes are built on principals of english style riding. Our trainers focus on the needs of each individual rider to help develop their talents. With over 100 years of combined experience you can be sure you are getting the best instruction available.